Face Lift

Facelift in Turkey

Facelift is plastic surgery procedure available for both men and women whom feel look older than peer or want to get rid off the excess skin and fat around the front face as well as experiencing loss of muscle tone.

All those above physical needs may cause loss of confident therefore facelift in Turkey procedure is very important treatment.

Facelift in Turkey packages also includes;

  • – Hotel Accommodation
  • – VIP Transfer
  • – (Airport pick up and drop off – Hotel pick up to drop off – Clinic pick up to drop off)
  • – Free English guide
  • – Medshape Coordinator at your Clinic
  • – Free Medicine
  • – Free After Care Help Line

Mini Facelift Surgery in Turkey

Mini facelift in Turkey is usually focus on removing or reposition the excess skin around the lower portion of the face from cheeks to jawline. In the some of the cases, the facelift surgeon will only make incisions around the ears if the patient only experiencing or concerns is marionette lines.

Surgeon and assistance nurse will gently stretching up the skin and soft tissue around the surgical area where is marked before in order to get rid of unwanted lines.

Addition to facelift in Turkey, surgeons may also recommend further fat transfer to areas where there is less volume than other parts.

Full Facelift Surgery in Turkey

Full facelift in Turkey is usually focus on removing or reposition the excess skin around the lower portion of the face from cheeks to jawline on top of it to neck area. The full facelift surgery, the surgeon will make incisions around the hairline on top the mini facelift area which was around the ear. The reason why some patient recommended to take full facelift surgery is due to amount of the muscle tissue has to be improved.

Recovery & Result of Facelift in Turkey

It is a procedure may surgeons recommended patients to stay in a hospital over a night in some cases. One of our coordinator will be reachable 24 hours during your stay. In first 48 hours prior to surgery. You will be given all necessary medicines such as; anti-inflammatory, painkillers and antibiotics.

Patient usually will experiences swelling therefore head back against a good pillow may reduce to swelling during 2-8 months depending on the patient but then your result will start revealing as swelling reducing.

Facelift in Turkey, yes it is a solution to improve the look but not stop ageing due to gravity and loss of skin elasticity. Even the outcome of the facelift in Turkey may be permanent but you be recommended for further treatment.


What does facelift in Turkey cover?

Facelift in turkey does not cover around forehead, eyebrows and eyelids in most cases, therefore your surgeon may recommend for further cosmetic surgeries such as brow lift, forehead lift and eyelid surgery.

  • – Facelift in Turkey will not affect quality of your skin.
  • – Facelift in Turkey will not help your age spot to disappear or melanoma.
  • – Facelift in Turkey will not change the structure of bones.

Is it cheaper to have cosmetic surgery (facelift) in Turkey?

One of the important reason why facelift in Turkey has become a centre of cosmetic surgery for brits, as NHS does not cover the cost of facelift surgery. Facelift is in Turkey cost up to 5 times cheaper than private clinics in UK and around the EU.

It is not due to quality of the procedure, it is due to cost of doctors, clinic rentals and most importantly high currency exchanges. Accordingly to International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), Turkey alone is hosting over 10.000 patients in 2020 where most of the world are in lockdown. It was due to cost of facelift in Turkey.

What are the benefits of a face lift in Turkey?

  • – Facelift helps to improve sagging skin from jawline to chin and mouth then from up to nose and eyelids depending on the way where from and how facelift procedure has performed.
  • – Facelift in Turkey has been also performed if the patient experiencing loss of skin elasticity.
  • – Facelift in Turkey has been recommended in order to help to get healed any wound, cardiac disease even further diabetes.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ALL PATIENT before coming for Facelift Turkey

Patient should follow below;

  • – Patient must stop taking Aspirin, Blood thinners or anti-inflammatory medicines 14 days before the surgery.
  • – Patient should stop smoking 14 days before the surgery.

What is the procedure of facelift in Turkey?

  • – Physical examination for facial anatomy by your facelift surgeon
  • – Determination of sagging skin in order to deciding on the surgical areas
  • – Injecting necessary injection to those surgical areas.

Facelift in Turkey typically is a procedure takes between 2 to 4 hours. Facelift surgeon will make the incisions to surgical areas. Then, surgeon or helping nurse assistance will tighten the muscles around the surgical area. In some case surgeon may remove the excess fat around the skin if reposition may be not perfect solution. After all, the surgical area will be dressed. In some cases, surgeon or nurse assistance may apply surgical drains in order to make the healing process faster.

What types of facelift are there in Turkey?

There are 2 major types of facelift in Turkey which are called mini facelift and full facelift.

What other surgeries can be done with facelift in Turkey?

A facelift in turkey is one of the surgery can be combined with other treatments around the same facial area such as; eyelid surgery, brow lift and neck liposuction.

How long after a facelift can you travel back?

Generally, patients are allowed to fly back within a week based on the check-up after surgery, all dressing and stitches removed.