Eyelid Lift

Eyelid Surgery in Turkey

Eyelid surgery is also called Blepharoplasty in Turkey. As we can not naturally stop ageing that cause sagging skin or loss of skin elasticity. Ageing is not only causes physical change but mental as well, which mean is feeling down or losing happy facial expression.

Therefore eyelid surgery in Turkey (Blepharoplasty) is one of the common procedure by patient choose.

Eyelid surgery in Turkey is operated in registered clinics by healthcare authority.

Above eyelid surgery in Turkey

Skin around the above eye is one of the thinnest skin in the human body even though it loses elasticity and becomes saggy skin therefore, the eyes looks tired.

Eyelid surgery in Turkey (blepharoplasty) performed as; first of all, your surgeon will mark the saggy skin on the above of the eyes then will make incisions to remove excess skin in order to create rested look. In addition to rested appearance, patient/s visual may get even better as eyes will feel more open than used to.

In case of upper eyelid may not bring the best result, it may combined with following procedures such as; eyebrow lift or forehead lift in order to bring the best outcomes of the surgery.

Lower eyelid surgery in Turkey

Ageing causes of fat pushing out the lower eyelid Surgery will be performed on the lower lids to remove puffiness that creates tired look.

Plastic surgeon will make incision inside the lower lid to remove the excess fat by also focusing on not leaving any scar behind.

Surgeon will make a decision of where to make incision based on your desired look.

Usually, surgeon will perform the incision in subciliary (lower part but out layer of the eyelid, or transconjunctival (inside the lower eye lid).

Subciliary Incision does not leave a visible surgical scar.

In some cases your surgeon may recommend to perform both upper and lower eyelid surgery at the same time which may take up to 2 hours of procedure time.

As in most plastic facial surgeries, after eyelid surgery patient will experience some bruising and swelling around the eyes, however most patient confirmed that they don’t discomfort eve night after the surgery comparing other procedures.

Benefits of Eyelid Surgery in Turkey (Blepharoplasty)


How do I make my eyes look less tired?

One of most asked question from our patients is about, “how can I look less tired”, specially, our patients means to ask why my eyes look tired even I don’t feel I am, even though my eyes look tired when I am happy smiling.

There are two main parts around the eye that cause of tired looking eyes; the above and below the eyes. Eyelid surgery in Turkey performed in both of the parts based on the patient’s case.

What to do before taking Eyelid surgery in Turkey? (Blepharoplasty)

  • – Make sure you have informed your surgeon with full previous medical history of yours.
  • – You must inform your surgeon if you have any untreated eye disorders.
  • – If you are on medication, you shoulder discuss with your surgeon as you may be asked to stop using them.
  • – You may be asked to stop smoking and stop consumed alcohol if you do.

Is eyelid surgery in Turkey worth money?

YES, based on patients feedbacks and realself, eyelid surgery holds 95% of worth it rate.

NOTE: to all patient planning for Eyelid Surgery in Turkey

If you are experiences any of those following, your surgeon may not permit you to take the eyelid surgery;

  • – If you are experiencing high blood pressure
  • – If you are experiencing glaucoma in another word; damaged optic nerve
  • – If you are experiencing bulging eyes from thyroid disease (graves disease)
  • – If you are experiencing dry eye syndrome

What is the average cost of eyelid surgery in Turkey?

Eyelid surgery in Turkey could make you save 50% or even more comparing the UK and EU prices.

  • – Free Eyelid Consultation

Does only upper eyelid surgery will make you look younger and not tired?

YES, eyelid surgery in Turkey will give you younger and rested look caused by ageing by removing saggy skin.

How long does eyelid surgery in Turkey last?

Eyelid surgery in Turkey may last up to 10 years if its performed own its on, however, some surgeons may recommend to combine eye brow lift and forehead lift surges in order to extent the result of the surgery.

Is there any age limit of taking eyelid surgery in Turkey?

NO, there is no age window to take eyelid surgery in Turkey as long as the patient are not experiences health conditions.

How do you get rid of droopy eyelids?

Eyelid surgery in Turkey (blepharoplasty) is one of the plastic & cosmetic surgery helps to remove excess fat pushing out the skin that create saggy or dropping skin