Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery in Turkey

Breast reduction surgery in Turkey is approached patients to help them reduce the size of the breast may be caused by followings;

  • – Genetics factors
  • – Ageing
  • – Hormonal disorders
  • – Unhealthy body weight

Besides physical changes to patient, it is also been proved breast reduction enhance the confident of the human being. Breast reduction is a plastic surgery that removes excess fat and muscles tissues around the breast in order to create perfect size.

The common process of the breast reduction surgery in Turkey; fat and muscles tissues will be removed as well as shaggy skin left after removing them by your plastic surgeon. This process may be approached with 3 different techniques.

1) Liposuction for breast reduction; most focuses on tissues to be removed from excess fat storage. This approach commonly performed for male patients. In some cases surgeon may recommend female patient who has experienced losing excess weight in a short period of time or after given birth cases. Liposuction technique for breast reduction surgery in Turkey is quite invasive when comparing surgeon makes incisions in order to remove muscle tissues. One more important thing to consider before going for liposuction for breast reduction if you are enquiring a small amount of size reduction from the breast.

2) Vertical Breast reduction; technique is more focus on creating round breast shape therefore primarily your plastic surgeon will make incision around the brown layer of your nipple (areola) in order to remove the unwanted muscles tissues then will carry on making vertical incisions. Ones excessive tissue and fat removed by your surgeon he will be focusing on increasing volume by lifting your breast. It is also one of the approach leaves minimal scars.

3) Anchor Breast Reduction; it is not really much different then vertical approach but in additional to vertical incision, your surgeon will make third incision around the breast where the creases are. It is a approach performed whom enquiry high amount of size difference. Ones again there will be scars however, they will disappear during healing process.

Benefit of Breast reduction surgery in Turkey

Breast reduction surgery is not only performed for cosmetic reasons,

  • – fix postural disorders.
  • – reduce referral pains around neck and back due to weights pulled the spine forward.
  • – help to reduce skin irritation.

NOTE: Your plastic surgeon should be registered with Turkish Medical Association. Some our surgeons are also registered with International Society of Aesthetic.

Yes it is very important to find best surgeon that been solved by medshape before your breast reduction surgery but it is also vital for you to prepare yourself prior to plastic surgery.

Before the breast reduction surgery in Turkey patients are need to follow below;

  • – Make sure you have informed your surgeon with full previous medical history of yours.
  • – Surgery has to be performed with empty stomach that has not been filled at least 8 hours period to surgery. (No food no drink)
  • – If you are on medication, you should discuss with your surgeon as you may be asked to stop using them.
  • – You may be asked to stop smoking and stop consumed alcohol if you do.


What is the recovery process for breast reduction surgery in Turkey?

Recovery process may be changed based on the patient genetics as well as healing procedure followed. Mostly cases of breast reduction surgery in Turkey, right after discharged, your surgeon may recommend you to walk gently in order to get blood circulation get back into normal pace.

If everything is ok, the patient may start to move around after few days. However, there might be minor pain around the breast even after 2 weeks. The patient should stop physical activities if the pain is still there and further check with surgeon.

The patient will be recommended to wear special made sport bra for a month roughly. It usually takes couple weeks to return to work.

Result of the breast reduction surgery in Turkey?

It is one of the plastic surgery you can see the outcome right after the surgery and it is very long-lasting result. However, it may limit your activities for a while.

One of the most frequently asked question regarding breast reduction surgery in Turkey; is it suitable for men and women?

Yes, indeed it is suitable for both men and women even though expectation of the surgery is different.

Breast reduction surgery in Turkey is called Mammoplasty if it is asked by female patients. Breast reduction surgeon aim to create a better volume by reducing size of the breast by removing excess fat and muscles tissues in and around the breast.

If the breast reduction surgery enquired by male patient is called gynecomastia. It is a plastic surgery that aim to create better appearance with flatter chest by getting rid of the shaggy boobs.

Can you combine plastic surgeries?

Absolutely, our treatment travel packages allow you to combine several plastic and cosmetic surgeries while you are in Turkey, as you can also extent your stay with all included hotels with vip services to recover easier and faster.

So far, liposuction and eyelid surgery has been combined with breast reduction surgeries has 10.000 times in Turkey with very successful results by our plastic surgeons.