Piezo Rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey, what we mainly execute for each surgery unless require a traditional way.

The reason of usage of Piezo technique for rhinoplasty,

It is safer and accurate shaping result,

Reduce trauma to the bone and internal tissue,

Reduce risk of revision.

Piezo Rhinoplasty is more gentle technique comparing to traditional rhinoplasty as surgeon breaks the bones in traditional way of rhinoplasty, however, piezo uses laser cut technology. It help much more during nose reshaping and surgical precision.

Patient will experience less swelling and bruising and some cases there is non right after surgery. There is also minimal risk of bone splintering almost non. Piezo rhinoplasty is also minimize inadvertent fractures therefore, avoid risk of breaking nasal bones.

Piezo Rhinoplasty technique involves higher cost than traditional way of rhinoplasty procedures. However, based on patient situation we perform less invasive techniques under local anesthetic in order to reduce to cost of rhinoplasty surgery.

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