The Czech Republic with 42.8%, has the most bald men in the world. Spain, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, U.S., Canada and Belgium follow in the ten first places with percentages ranging from 36% to 42 % of the male population experiencing some degree of hair loss.

Why Turkey is best decision for hair transplant?

Turkey has the highest volume of hair transplant patients travelling from all over the world that means;

Hair Transplant in Turkey has gained lots of experiences during time which leads to improve doctors in the field.

Turkey has improved regarding hair transplant services during time being based on each experience and feedbacks from patients.

Behind all the quality work and the services Turkey offer for Hair Transplant patients it is still cheaper most of the EU probably cheapest if we dig in to more details.

where else hair transplant in Czech Republic starts from 2500 euro (2715USD),

Turkey offers around 1750USD including max graft surgery + special cleaning foam + hotel accommodation (most cases 3 days) + VIP Transfer etc.

Financially, anyone coming from EU for Hair Transplant saving huge amount of money as well as experience 3\4 days stays of Turkey.

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